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An atom's reactivity is determined by the number of
a) protons and neutrons in its nucleus. b) electrons and protons in its nucleus. c) electrons in its outer shell. d)
If an atom has 1 valence electron, how many more electrons would be needed to fill the outer shell
a) 7 b) 6 c) 5 d) 0
The mass number of Carbon represents the total number of
a) protons b) neutrons c) protons plus neutrons d) protons minus neutrons
Protons are located in the
a) electron cloud b) outside the electron cloud and nucleus c) in the nucleus d) on the edge of the atom
The charge of a proton is
a) positive b) negative c) neutral d)
The charge of a neutron is
a) positive b) negative c) neutral d)
Electrons have a ____________ charge.
a) positive b) negative c) neutral d)
The nucleus of an atom has a ______________ charge
a) positive b) negative c) neutral d)
The electron cloud of an atom would have a _________ charge.
a) positive b) negative c) neutral d)
Which of these is true about an atom?
a) Protons weigh more than electrons b) The electron cloud has a larger mass than the nucleus c) Atoms contain only two subatomic particles, protons and neutrons d) All atoms contain the same number of valence electrons
WWhich subatomic particles have no effect on the net charge of an atom?
a) Protons only b) Neutrons only c) Electrons only d) Protons and electrons
Which of these could cause an atom to become LESS reactive?
a) Gaining electrons in its nucleus b) Gaining protons c) Losing neutrons from its electron cloud d) Losing electrons from its outer most shell
Which of these best describes an atom with 8 valence electrons?
a) HIghly reactive b) Reactive c) Non-reactive d)
Which of these atoms would be most reactive?
a) An atom with 1 valence electron b) An atom with 8 valence electrons c) d)
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