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What is the tough flexible tissue that your ears are made out of called?
a) endoskeleton b) spine c) cartiliage d)
What will happen to an amphibians skin without water?
a) it will molt b) it will dry out c) it will shrink d)
What kind of fish have overlapping scaled to protect their skin?
a) jawless b) cartilaginous c) bony d)
What kind of fish have no scales and a body made of a rubbery skeleton called cartilage.
a) cartilaginous b) bony c) amphibians d)
All fish are?
a) cold-blooded b) warm-blooded c) red-blooded d)
____ have skin that protect their bodies from losing water, they breathe with lungs, and have tough eggs that help them survive on land.
a) mammals b) birds c) reptiles d)
What does a tadpole develop when it becomes an adult frog?
a) gills and legs b) lungs and legs c) gills and fins d)
What does a tadpole lose when it becomes an adult?
a) fins and lungs b) gills and legs c) fins and gills d)
The backbone is part of the ________ which all vertebrates have.
a) endoskeleton b) exoskeleton c) ribs d)
Snakes and lizards are examples of?
a) amphibians b) tuataras c) reptiles d)
What are warm blooded, have beaks with no teeth, feathers, two legs with clawed feet, and wings?
a) birds b) reptiles c) mammals d)
Which phyla can learn, have hair, and can live in almost any habitat?
a) reptiles b) mammals c) amphibians d)
What do you call a cold blooded vertebrate that spends part of its life in water and parts of its life on land?
a) reptile b) turtle c) amphibian d)
Mammals are_________ blooded animals.
a) warm b) cold c) red d)
Which fish is the largest vertebrate group?
a) cartilaginous b) jawless c) bony d)
What kind of animal's body temperature changes with its surroundings?
a) cold-blooded b) warm-blooded c) red-blooded d)
What do you call animals with a backbone?
a) invertebrates b) vertebrates c) arthropods d)
Reptile skin is?
a) wet b) slimy c) dry d)
What two mammals lay eggs?
a) anteater and opposum b) platypus and anteater c) platypus and koala d)
The largest group of mammals are those that?
a) lay eggs b) have pouches c) develop inside their mother's body d)
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