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A series of rulers from the same family..
a) Dynasty b) Feudalism c) Samurai d) Song
A Japanese warrior
a) Samurai b) Akbar c) Gladiator d) Sultan
A system in which poor people are legally bound to work for wealthy landowners.
a) Merit System b) Caste System c) Feudalism d) Democracy
Which of the following was not a Chinese invention?
a) Concrete b) Silk c) Gun Powder d) Movable type
What is one achievement of the Tang dynasty?
a) the building of the Grand Canal b) the building of the Great Wall c) the granting of more power to landowners d) the invasion of India
In the Caste system in India your social class was determined by...
a) Birth b) Wealth c) Ability d) The Emperor
This Chinese invention allowed sailors and merchants to travel great distances.
a) Magnetic Compass b) Gun Powder c) Silk d) Movable Type
The Daimyo would provide the shogun with warriors called...
a) Samurai b) Gladiators c) Knights d) Lords
In Japan's feudal system this person acted as military general and gave out land assignments.
a) Shogun b) Daimyo c) Emperor d) Samurai
This group of people were at the bottom of the Feudal social structure in Japan.
a) Peasants b) Shogun c) Daimyo d) Samurai
A merit system means that you are hired based on...
a) Ability b) Social class c) Birth right d) Looks
The second largest desert in Asia is in China and is called the...
a) Gobi Desert b) Savanna Desert c) Sahara Desert d) Andes Desert
At the top of Japan's feudal system is the...
a) Emperor b) Shogun c) Samurai d) Peasant
This person was bound by a code of ethics called bushido to protect the Japanese estate.
a) Samurai b) Shogun c) Emperor d) Daimyo
Movable type was invented during which Chinese dynasty?
a) Song b) Tang c) Han d) Kahn
Which of the following were traded along the silk road?
a) Silk b) Porcelain c) New ideas d) All of these
A system of government in which the poor are legally bound to the rich.
a) Feudalism b) Democracy c) Monarchy d) Republic
Gun Powder was invented during which Chinese dynasty?
a) Tang b) Song c) Han d) Kahn
Some important Chinese trade products were...
a) Silk and porcelain b) Books and grain c) Salt and gold d) Spices and cotton
What is one reason that Japan has such a distinctive culture?
a) It is isolated by the sea b) Japanese culture has combined with the culture of Mongol invaders c) There has been little contact among the people of Japan d) The caste system keeps everyone divided
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