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This was the first permanent European settlement in the present day U.S.
a) St. Augustine b) San Diego c) Santa Fe d) Quebec
This was the capital of the Spanish colonies in the American southwest.
a) Santa Fe b) St. Augustine c) San Diego d) Quebec
This was the first European settlement in California.
a) San Diego b) Santa Fe c) St. Augustine d) Quebec
Spain's chief rivalry was with
a) England b) Norway c) Portugal d) China
The defeat of the Spanish Armada in 1588 meant
a) England would be free to lay the groundwork for religious freedom in America b) Spain would never go to sea again c) France could move in and settle the present day US d) Norway could make advances on Spain's navy
This man discovered the St. Lawrence River
a) Cartier b) Marquette c) Joliet d) la Salle
This man claimed the entire Mississippi valleyfor France
a) la Salle b) Cartier c) Marquette d) Joliet
This was the first permanent French settlement in the New World
a) Quebec b) San Diego c) Santa Fe d) St.Augustine
These were French Protestants in search of religious freedom
a) Huguenots b) Separatists c) Mormons d) Pilgrims
New France never became heavily populated because
a) all of these b) most colonists were hunters and traders c) they lacked self-government d) they lacked religious freedom
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