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All are parts of a mollusk's body plan EXCEPT
a) visceral mass b) mantle c) mesoglea d) foot
All are classes of mollusks EXCEPT
a) bivalves b) gastropods c) cephalopods d) enteropods
What type of circulatory system do most mollusks have?
a) open b) closed c) ajar d) gaping
Water enters and leaves a bivalve through the
a) siphons b) pores c) mantle d) mouth
The most active mollusks are the
a) bivalves b) cephalopods c) gastropods d) sea slugs
The foot of the cephalopods has been modified into
a) the mantle b) the funnel c) the tentacles and arms d) gills
What type of circulatory system do cephalopods have?
a) open b) closed c) ajar d) gaping
Gastropods are
a) squids and octopuses b) clams and oysters c) mussels and scallops d) snails and slugs
Gastropods undergo a twisting of their bodies during development called
a) turning b) torsion c) twist and shout d) swiveling
Squid move by
a) walking on their tentacles b) slithering along the sea bottom c) sliding along a muscular foot d) forcing water out of their funnels
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