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The variable in an experiment that you change
a) Independent b) Experimental c) Control d) Dependent
An educated guess
a) Hypothesis b) Statement c) Law d) Theory
A practical test for a particular hypothesis
a) Experiment b) Technology c) Law d) Control
Variable that depends on the variable you changed
a) Dependent b) Experimental c) Control d) Independent
The results of an experiment
a) Data b) Law c) Theory d) Hypothesis
Using experimentation to answer questions about the world
a) Science b) Law c) Hypothesis d) Technology
A widely accepted conclusion that has never been disproven
a) Theory/Law b) None of the above c) Question d) Hypothesis
Using problem-solving to make our world better and help us adapt
a) Technology b) Theory c) Hypothesis d) Science
The part of the experiment that does not change
a) Control b) Dependent c) Independent d) Experimental
How many variables should be tested at one time?
a) one b) 4 or more c) three d) two
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