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___ is sometimes called the blueprints of life.
a) Proteins b) Water c) Nucleic acid d) Phospholipids
The molecule that contains the information on how to make proteins is ___.
a) ATP b) a phospholipid c) DNA d) a carbonhydrate
The subunit of nucleic acids are ___.
a) nucleotides b) amino acids c) sugars d) oils
___ is a complex carbohydrate manufactured by plants.
a) Oil b) Hemoglobin c) Starch d) Protein
The molecule that provides energy for cellular processes is ___.
a) ATP b) protein c) RNA d) DNA
The subunits of proteins are ___.
a) enzymes b) sugar molecules c) nucleotides d) amino acids
Cells do not use ___ for energy storage.
a) fats b) nucleic acids c) carbohydrates d) oils
Which of the following is NOT true of proteins?
a) they are a component of spider webs b) they protect cells from foreign material c) they are the primary source of energy for cells d) they speed up chemical reactions
In the cell membrane, ___ molecules form two layers.
a) phospholipids b) proteins c) lipids d) carbohydrates
___ is the passing of traits from one generation to the next.
a) Homeostasis b) Heredity c) Metabolism d) Photosynthesis
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