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What is the male part of the flower called?
a) Stamen b) Pistil c) Ovule d) Style
What is the female part of the flower called?
a) Pistil b) Filament c) Anther d) Stamen
What part of a flower contains the ovules?
a) Ovary b) Pistil c) Stamen d) Filament
What are the four characteristics that all plants share?
a) Photosynthesis, cuticles, cell wall and reproduce b) Photosynthesis, cuticles, cell wall and coffee c) Photosynthesis, manicures, cell wall and reproduce d) Photosynthesis, manicures, brick walls and reproduce
Root system with one main root
a) Taproot b) Rhiziod c) Sepal d) Angiosperm
Underground stem from which new leaves and roots grow
a) Rhizome b) Woody stem c) Stamen d) Cell wall
Type of rigid stem found on trees
a) Woody stem b) Rhizoid c) Sepal d) Angiosperm
Structure that surrounds the cell membrane and supports the plant cell
a) Cell wall b) Stamen c) Conifer d) Taproot
Flowering plant that produces seeds inside a plant
a) Angiosperm b) Stomata c) Confirer d) Monocot
Rootlike structure that holds nonvascular plants in place
a) Rhizoid b) Sepal c) Cell Wall d) Woddy Stem
The largest group of angiosperms
a) Confier b) Monocot c) Taproot d) Sepal
Angiosperm with one cotyledon
a) Monocot b) Angiosperm c) Stomata d) Rhizome
The tiny opening in the epidermis of a leaf wher carbon dioxide enters
a) Stomata b) Rhizome c) Sepal d) Stamen
Modified leaf that protects the flower bud
a) Sepal b) Rhizoid c) Rhizome d) Stomata
Male Reproductive structure of a flower
a) Stamen b) Stomata c) Conifer d) Cell wall
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