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To view a particular part of a drawing more closely, the drafter would use which command?
a) zoom b) rotate c) entity d) grid
Which professional would probably NOT use CAD in their work?
a) programmer b) architect c) electrical engineer d) mechanical drafter
CAD stands for
a) Computer-aided design b) Computer-aided dimensioning c) Computer-aided decision making d) Computer-aided drawing
The lines that outline the object and it major details that must stand out. These solid lines are called
a) object lines b) dark lines c) hidden lines d) outline lines
The type of drawing that shortens the lines that project from front to back to one-half their original length is
a) cabinet b) cavalier c) oblique d) orthographic
What drawings depict real life appearances, usually drawn to one or two-point vanishing points?
a) perspective b) oblique c) orthographic d) thumbnail
In orthographic drawing, the top view's width dimension is projected from which other view?
a) front b) auxiliary c) bottom d) side
A pictorial sketch that has been drawn as if it were viewed from one corner is known as
a) isometric b) detailed c) orthographic d) perspective
Most detail drawings are what type of drawings?
a) orthographic b) isometric c) oblique d) perspective
In an orthographic sketch, the side view is perfectly in line with the front view. What is this called?
a) projection b) construction c) perspective d) isometric
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