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Application of science to benefit people.
a) Bias b) Technology c) Model d) Graph
Visual display of information or data.
a) Technology b) Theory c) Graph d) Model
Statement about what happens in nature that seems to be true all the times; does not explain why or how something happens.
a) Scientific Law b) Theory c) Hypothesis d) Guess
Explanation of things or events based on knowledge gained from many observations and investigations.
a) Bias b) Theory c) Scientific Law d) Hypothesis
Can be used to represent an idea, object, or event, that is too big, to small, to complex, or too dangerous to observe or test directly.
a) Scientific Law b) Constant c) Graph d) Model
In an experiment, a variable that does not change.
a) Constant b) Independent Variable c) Dependent Variable d) Technology
Occurs when a scientist's expectations change how the results of a experiment are viewed.
a) Theory b) Hypothesis c) Bias d) Graph
Factor that, as it changes, affects the measure of another variable.
a) Independent Variable b) Bias c) Dependent Variable d) Scientific Law
Factors that change as a result of changes in other variables.
a) Independent Variable b) Hypothesis c) Theory d) Dependent Variable
Organized procedure for testing a hypothesis; test the affect of one thing on another under controlled conditions.
a) Variable b) Model c) Experiment d) Dependent Variable
A quantity that can have more than a single value; can cause a change in the results of an experiment.
a) Variable b) Hypothesis c) Theory d) Model
A possible explanation for a problem using what is known and observed.
a) Scientific Methods b) Hypothesis c) Graph d) Technology
A pattern of investigation procedures that can include stating a problem, forming a hypothesis, researching and gathering information, testing a hypothesis, analyzing data, and drawing conclusions.
a) Scientific Methods b) Model c) Independent Variable d) Experiment
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