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Ammonia is the active ingredient in many cleaners. Suppose I had 2 pails. If I added 5 cups of ammonia and 45 cups of water in pail A, and then add 5 cups of ammonia and 30 cups of water to pail B, Which pail contains the most powerful cleaner?
a) pail A b) pail B c) d)
You are reading a scientist's notes and you notice a measurement that is listed as 12.3 kilograms. Does this measurement represent length, mass or volume?
a) length b) mass c) volume d)
What metric prefix means 1,000?
a) milli b) kilo c) centi d) deci
How many centimeters are in 1.6 meters?
a) 1600cm b) 1.6cm c) 16cm d) 160cm
An object's volume is 0.12kL. What is its volume in liters?
a) 12L b) 120L c) 1200L d) 1.2L
A rock has a mass of 45.1 kg. What is its mass in slugs? (1 slug = 14.59 kg)
a) 4.51 slugs b) 3.09 slugs c) 45.1 slugs d) 30.9 slugs
Which picture represents molecules?
a) A b) B c) d)
which picture represents atoms?
a) A b) B c) d)
While looking at historical grave markers, you find a statue that is blue-green in color. In order to read the inscription, you scrub the statue's surface, and the blue-green color comes off as a fine powder. What color is the statue underneath?
a) copper b) grey c) blue d) green
Sulfur dioxide is a yellow powder that is composed of sulfur atoms. Sulfur dioxide is a colorless, poisonous gas that contains sulfur atoms. Is sulfur dioxide composed of atoms or molecules?
a) atoms b) molecules c) d)
The quantity of a substance within a certain volume
a) atom b) molecule c) concentration d) measurement
Two or more atoms linked together to make a substance with unique properties
a) atom b) molecule c) concentration d) mass
The smallest chemical unit of matter
a) atom b) molecule c) concentration d) neutron
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