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A V-shaped valley eroded by a river or a stream
a) Valley b) Meander c) Canyon d) Channel
A shape or feature of the Earth's surface
a) Landform b) Depostion c) Sediment d) Structure
The process by which Earth materials are gradually worn away and removed by water, wind, or ice
a) Removal b) Washing Away c) Drainage d) Erosion
A system of rivers and streams that drain an area like the Colorado Plateau
a) Lake b) Drainage Basin c) Canyon d) Delta
An explanation of symbols used on a map
a) Index b) Glossary c) Grid d) Legend or Key
A color, shape, or texture used to represent something else on a map
a) Code b) Symbol c) Key d) Model
A network of vertical and horizontal lines that form squares
a) Ordered Pair b) Symbols c) Legend d) Grid
A person who makes maps
a) Construction Worker b) Drawer c) Cartographer d) Painter
A drawing of an area, usually as though you were looking straight down on it
a) Grid b) Map c) Boundary d) Structure
Something built by people, such as a building
a) Structure b) Key c) Basin d) Channel
The limit or border of an area or region
a) Structure b) Symbol c) Landform d) Boundary
A representation of an object or process
a) Delta b) Model c) Cartographer d) Grid
The process by which eroded Earth materials settle out in another place
a) Delta b) Meander c) Weathering d) Deposition
A large, nearly level area that has been lifted above the surrounding area
a) Plateau b) Delta c) Erosion d) Basin
A fan-shaped (triangular) deposit of Earth materials at a mouth of a stream
a) Slope b) Drainage Basin c) Boundary d) Delta
Eroded Earth materials that have been deposited
a) Structure b) Sediments c) Model d) Grid
A low area in which sediments are often deposited
a) Basin b) Lake c) Beach d) Meander
The course or path the water takes in a stream or river
a) Meander b) Slope c) Channel d) Canyon
A curve or loop in a channel
a) Floodplain b) Boundary c) Stream d) Meander
The angle or slant of a stream, channel, or land surface
a) Slope b) Upstream c) Basin d) Delta
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