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What country controlled Belgium?
a) King George b) King Leopold c) Kwame Nkrumah d) King Louis IV
Who was the white South Africa President who helped end Apartheid?
a) Jomo Kenyetta b) FW de Klerk c) Nelson Mandela d) Desmond Tutu
What is the Middle Passage?
a) when Europeans colonized Africa b) the boat voyage that the slaves made from Africa c) when slaves were sold in the Europe d) the name of the DRC in the 1800
Why did Europe want to colonize Africa ?
a) Spread religion b) Europeans lived there in BC times c) Africans wanted Europe to take them over d) Because of Apartheid
What is the name of the organized group that fought Apartheid laws?
a) DRC b) NAC c) ANC d) APNC
Who was NOT present at the Berlin Conference?
a) Slave Ship captains b) Germany c) USA d) African rulers
What is Apartheid ?
a) a form of Government in the Sudan b) a name given to the country of South Africa c) extreme racial segregation in South Africa d) extreme racial segregation in the DRC
What two countries colonized the most land in Africa?
a) France and USA b) Great Britain and France c) Great Britain and Germany d) France and Spain
What was the purpose of the Berlin Conference?
a) to split up Europe b) to end slavery c) to split up the Africa between Europe d) to split up gold
Name the two methods that slaves were brought over.
a) Tight and Crammed b) Loose and chained c) Chained and Crammed d) Tight and Loose
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