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The first animal to be cloned was a
a) sheep b) cow c) pig d) mouse
True or False: Hemophilia is more common in females.
a) False b) True c) d)
If a karyotype had 3 copies of chromosome #21, the person would...
a) have Down syndrome b) be normal c) have Klinefelters syndrome d) have Turner syndrome
This can cause plants to grow larger.
a) polyploidy b) meiosis c) mitosis d) cloning
True or false: Clones are made from a single cell.
a) True b) False c) d)
DNA made by combining DNA from different sources.
a) recombinant DNA b) transgenic c) clone d) nondisjunction
Sex chromosomes for a normal female
a) XX b) XY c) XXY d) XZ
Examples of mutagens would include...
a) All are possible mutagens b) smoking c) radiation d) pesticides
A goat that contains genes from a spider would be
a) transgenic b) a clone c) polyploid d) inbred
Number of autosomes human possess.
a) 44 b) 2 c) 22 d) 46
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