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the passing of physical characteristics from parent to offspring
a) homozygous b) probability c) Punnett square d) heredity
a characteristic that an organism can pass on to its offspring through its genes
a) heredity b) genotype c) genetics d) trait
the scientific study of heredity
a) genetics b) Punnett square c) heredity d) hybrid
the offspring of many generations that have the same trait and is homozygous
a) phenotype b) hybrid c) purebred d) recessive allele
an organism that has two different alleles for a trait or is heterozygous
a) hybrid b) phenotype c) purebred d) heterzygous
a set of imformation that control a trait
a) gene b) genotype c) phenotype d) alleles
different forms of a gene - some are dominate and others are recessive
a) heredity b) codominance c) alleles d) gene
an allele that always shows up when it is there
a) dominant allele b) recessive allele c) Punnett square d) homozygous
an allele that is masked when a dominant allele is present
a) homozygous b) trait c) dominant allele d) recessive allele
the number that describes how likely it is that an event will occur
a) probability b) heredity c) phenotype d) Punnett square
a chart that shows all the possible combinations of alleles that can result from a genetic cross
a) codominance b) genetics c) Punnett square d) gene
an organisms physical appearance
a) heterzygous b) phenotype c) trait d) genotype
an organisms genetic makeup or allele combination
a) genotype b) phenotype c) gene d) codominance
having two of the same alleles for a trait
a) homozygous b) heredity c) heterzygous d) probability
having 2 different alleles for a trait
a) heterzygous b) homozygous c) trait d) genetics
a condition in which neither of the two alleles of a gene is dominant or recessive
a) probability b) gene c) hybrid d) codominance
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