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You would list special events, organizations, clubs, sports, etc. that you have been a part of in this section.
a) Activities b) Objective c) Education d) Experience
This section of a resume indicates that you have achieved something special, or that you have succeeded in accomplishing something out of the ordinary.
a) Activites b) Resume c) Awards and Honors d) Experience
The degree, level or type of schooling you have received. This identifies where you attended school and the dates of attendance or graduation; or expected graduation.
a) Resume b) Heading c) Education d) Relevant Courses
This section identifies previous employers for whom you have worked, their location, the dates you worked for them, your job title and a description of the job you performed for them.
a) Heading b) Experience c) Objective d) Relevant Courses
The part of a resume that includes essential personal information such as your formal name, your address, phone number, and an email address if you have one.
a) Heading b) Awards and Honors c) Objective d) Resume
This is generally a one sentence explanation of the type of job you are seeking, it should be fairly specific and state a purpose, goal, or target that you wish to obtain.
a) Activities b) Heading c) Objective d) Awards and Honors
In this section, you will list the classes you have taken that might contribute to your employability. These are courses that you have taken that have taught you some of the skills you will need to perform a specific job.
a) Objective b) Experience c) Activities d) Relevant Courses
A one page summary of your skills, education, and experience. It is your advertisement to potential employers, and is one of the most important pieces of writing you will ever create.
a) Resume b) Relevant Courses c) Heading d) Activities
This is the main part of a computer system It houses the microprocessor, the random-access membory (RAM), and usually an internal disk drive.
a) Disk Drive b) Central Processing Unit c) Diskette d) Modem
A device that allows data to be sent from computer to computer over a telephone line.
a) Central Processing Unit b) Diskette c) Disk Drive d) Modem
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