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The information that is collected during an experiement
a) Data b) Variable c) Control d) Hypothesis
The things in an experiment that a scientist must keep the same to ensure a valid result
a) Controls b) Variables c) Results d) Data
The one thing in an experiment that a scientist will change.
a) Variable b) Control c) Results d) Data
A force that slows or stops motion when objects rub together
a) Friction b) Gravity c) Magnetism d) Force
A push or pull that causes an object to move, stop, or change direction
a) Force b) Matter c) Energy d) Electricity
The force that pulls objects toward the center of Earth
a) Gravity b) Friction c) Magnetism d) Force
Energy waves that bend (change direction and speed) as they pass from one type of object to another
a) Refraction b) Reflection c) Absorbtion d) Transmission
A clear piece of curved glass or plastic that bends passing light to focus or spread the light rays
a) Lens b) Opaque c) Transparent d) Translucent
Energy waves bouncing off the surface of an object (Mirrors or echoes return energy back to the source)
a) Reflection b) Refraction c) Absorbtion d) Transmission
The flow of electricity around a circuit
a) Electric Current b) Sound c) Heat d) Light
Material that stops current from flowing
a) Insulator b) Conductor c) Material d) Substance
Material that allows electric current or heat to flow through easily
a) Conductor b) Insulator c) Ingredient d) Substance
The pathway through which electrical current flows
a) Circuit b) Insulator c) Conductor d) Current
Energy produced from a vibration that you can hear
a) Sound Energy b) Mechanical Energy c) Solar Energy d) Light Energy
A flow of electrical charge through a conductor
a) Electrical Energy b) Mechanical Energy c) Light Energy d) Sound Energy
A rapid back and forth movement that creates sound energy.
a) Vibration b) Waves c) Ringing d) Bouncing
A form of energy that travels in a straight line and can be seen by the human eye
a) Light Energy b) Sound Energy c) Mechanical Energy d) Thermal Energy
Energy produced by a machine or moving part
a) Mechanical Energy b) Light Energy c) Electrical Energy d) Thermal Energy
The symbols commonly used to show the direction and flow of energy
a) Arrows b) Lines c) Circles d) Dashes
Energy that causes a transfer of heat between materials
a) Thermal Energy b) Sound Energy c) Electrical Energy d) Mechanical Energy
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