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To break down and spread out evenly in a liquid
a) Dissolve b) Absorb c) Disappear d) Melt
A combination of two or more substances where each keeps its own properties and both can be easily separated
a) Mixture b) Solution c) Combination d) Jumble
A mixture of one substance dissolved evenly in another. When one ingredient dissolves into another.
a) Solution b) Mixture c) Combination d) Jumble
A single part of a mixture or solution
a) Substance b) Mixture c) Solution d) Physical Property
Physical change in matter from a liquid to a gas
a) Evaporation b) Condensation c) Melting d) Freezing
The temperature at which a substance changes from a liquid to a solid
a) Freezing Point b) Melting Point c) Boiling Point d) Condensation Point
Physical change in matter from a gas to a liquid
a) Condensation b) Melting c) Freezing d) Boiling
The temperature at which a substance changes states from a solid to a liquid
a) Melting Point b) Freezing Point c) Condensing Poin d) Evaporating Point
The temperature at which a substance changes states from a liquid to a gas
a) Boiling Point b) Freezing Point c) Melting Point d) Condensing Point
Material that slows down or stops electric current or heat from flowing
a) Insulator b) Conductor c) Substance d) Ingredient
Material that allows electric current or heat energy to flow through easily
a) Conductor b) Insulator c) Substance d) Ingredient
Energy that causes a change in temperature between materials
a) Thermal Energy b) Electrical energy c) Sound Energy d) Mechanical Energy
Measurement of the ability of a solid to dissolve in a liquid
a) Solubility b) Magnetism c) Mass d) Density
Objects that are more dense sink in water; less dense object float in water
a) Density b) Magnetism c) Conductivity d) Solubility
The classification of matter as a solid, liquid, or a gas
a) Physical State b) Physical Change c) Chemical Change d) Chemical State
The property of attraction to a magnet
a) Magnetism b) Solubility c) Density d) Mass
Appearances of an object: mass, magnetism, physical state, relative density, solubility, and the ability to insulate or conduct heat or electricity
a) Physical Property b) Chemical Property c) Mass d) Energy
Anything that has mass and takes up space
a) Matter b) Energy c) Physical Property d) Density
The amount of stuff in something; measured in kg
a) Mass b) Volume c) Weight d) Density
Make different without changing what the material is made of, such as: cutting, folding, melting
a) Physical Change b) Chemical Change c) State of matter d) Constant Properties
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