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Rare; not the usual; remarkable
a) uncommon b) unmistakable c) untidy d) undecided
not sure
a) uncertain b) unconscious c) unwise d) unworthy
not within thought; not awake
a) unconscious b) unnecessary c) unexpected d) uncommon
not yet at the point of making a decision
a) undecided b) unexpected c) unmistakable d) unwise
not what someone thought would happen; not predicted
a) unexpected b) unnecessary c) untidy d) uncertain
clear; cannot be understood the wrong way; not able to be confused or misunderstood
a) unmistakable b) unwise c) unworthy d) undecided
not required
a) unnecessary b) untidy c) uncertain d) uncommon
messy; not neat; not organized
a) untidy b) unwise c) unexpected d) unmistakable
not smart
a) unwise b) unnecessary c) undecided d) uncertain
not deserving; not having any value
a) unworthy b) unwise c) unmistakable d) uncommon
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