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When you see a change in the environment you know that ______ has been transferred.
a) energy b) force c) heat d) motion
When a rubber band is stretched, it has _______ energy.
a) potential b) kinetic c) chemical d) nuclear
A green plant has ______ energy.
a) electrical b) kinetic c) chemical d) thermal
_____ is a fossil fuel.
a) gasoline b) water c) electricity d) nuclear fuel
A liquid thermometer works because liquid ____ when warmed.
a) expands b) contracts c) solidifies d) condenses
When a pot of water is put on a stove, the water at the top gets hot primarily by _______.
a) radiation b) conduction c) convection d) consensation
_____ is an alternative resource.
a) coal b) natural gas c) wind d) oil
Heat is _____ energy that is transferred from one object at a certain temperature to another at a different temperature.
a) kinetic b) thermal c) solar d) electromagnetic
Which one of the following is NOT an example of work being done?
a) the Moon orbiting Earth b) pushing a box from the bottom of a hill to the top of the hill c) pulling a sled across a field covered with snow d) lifting a bookbag off the floor
A device that does work with on ly one movement and changes the size or direction of a force is a(n) _____.
a) compound machine b) effort machine c) screw d) simple machine
The amount by which a machine multiplies an input force is called the _____.
a) efficiency factor b) fulcrum c) mechanical advantage d) resistance force
An inclined plane with one or two sloping sides that splits objects apart forms a machine called a _____.
a) pulley b) lever c) ramp d) wedge
An inclined plane wrapped around a cylinder post is a _____.
a) lever b) ramp c) screw d) wedge
When two or more simple machines work together, they are called a(n) _____.
a) compound machine b) effort machine c) screw d) simple machine
Which of the following simple machines looks like a wheel with teeth?
a) lever b) pulley c) gear d) wheel and axle
The buildup of electric charges on an object is called a _____.
a) circuit charge b) current circuit c) static charge d) current charge
A material through which electrons do NOT easily flow is a(n)_____.
a) conductor b) fuse c) insulator d) transformer
Two objects will attract one another when they have.
a) like charges b) opposite charges c) the same amount of charge d) no charge
One example of a good conductor is _______.
a) copper b) wood c) glass d) rubber
The steady flow of electrons through a conductor is _____.
a) a circuit b) an insulator c) an electric current d) resistance
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