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Red Blood Cells
a) Erythrocytes b) Leukocytes c) Lymphocytes d) Platelets
Hemoglobin is found in/on:
a) Erythrocytes b) Leukocytes c) Granulocytes d) Platelets
White blood cells are all:
a) Leukocytes b) Lymphocytes c) Granulocytes d) Agranulocytes
These cells contain granules which they use to kill worms.
a) Neutrophils b) Eosinophils c) Basophils d) Lymphocytes
These stop bacterial infections through phagocytosis AND by using their granules.
a) Neutrophils b) Eosinophils c) Basophils d) Natural Killer Cells
These are part of an allergic or inflammatory response. Their granules contain heparin and histamine.
a) Neutrophils b) Basophils c) Eosinophils d) Platelets
These have no granules and directly kill invaders.
a) Leukocytes b) T Cells c) B Cells d) Neutrophils
These produce antibodies which attach to invaders and target them for destruction by other cells.
a) T Cells b) B Cells c) Basophils d) Monocytes
These patrol the body for pre-cancerous cells.
a) Eosinophils b) B Cells c) Platelets d) Natural Killer Cells
These are the cells involved in forming a blood clot.
a) Natural Killer Cells b) Neutrophils c) Monocytes d) Platelets
These kill invaders exclusively by phagocytosis
a) Neutrophils b) B Cells c) Monocytes d) Eosinophils
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