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When a ball is thrown into the air, it falls back to the ground. What causes this to happen?
a) the round shape of the ball b) the way the ball is thrown c) the force of the air against the ball d) the force of gravity on the ball
Which demonstrates that light travels in straight lines?
a) the forming of shadows b) the speed of light c) the rainbow effect d) the brightness of the Sun.
Two astronauts walking on the Moon are trying to communicate with each other. Which way of communicating will NOT work for
a) ringing a bell b) flashing a light c) using a radio d) waving a hand
If you are on a seesaw and want your friend to go down, use a force that is a
a) push b) pull c) lever d) pulley
Which force does a friend use to make you go higher on a playground swing?
a) pull b) push c) lever d) pulley
When you walk on the sidewalk and roll your bike, the force you use is a
a) pull b) pulley c) push d) lever
All sound is made by
a) vibrations b) heat energy c) magnetism d) reflections
Hilda shouts hey in an empty hall at the shopping mall. The sound bounces off the walls and she hears
a) a recording b) an echo c) a circuit d) a wavelength
Reflection occurs when
a) light bends. b) light shines in your eyes. c) light goes through a surface. d) light strikes a surface and bounces off.
Which object will reflect the most light?
a) shiny red paper b) mirror c) copper d) glass
Which object would BEST reflect light from a light bulb?
a) a shiny spoon b) a black sweater c) a glass of water d) notebook paper
Which type of lens bulges out in the middle?
a) concave b) convex c) flat d) glass
A magnifying glass is an example of what type of lens?
a) convex b) concave c) square d) thick
What determines pitch?
a) solids b) liquids c) amplitude d) the rate of vibration
What is a simple machine?
a) a machine with few parts b) a machine that can not operate c) a machine that is very complicated d) a machine that can operate without energy put in
Why can astronauts jump higher on the Moon than on Earth?
a) There is more oxygen on the Moon. b) Their pressurized suits help them. c) The Moon's gravity is weaker than Earth's. d) The warm temperature on the Moon gives the astronauts more energy.
Complete this sentence:A change in force always brings about a change in
a) energy b) force c) machines d) position
Which answer lists only simple machines?
a) screw, car, tires b) lever, screw, wheel c) television, computers, lever d) lawn mower, edger, leaf blower
Which of the following statements about noise is true?
a) Listening to loud music is less harmful if you do it a lot and get used to it. b) Loud music is better for your ears than other sounds that are just as loud. c) Loud music can damage the inside parts of your ears. d) Hearing damage caused by loud noise eventually goes away.
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