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Scientists study outer space by sending telescopes and other scientific instruments out into space. Where
a) satellites b) asteroids c) Pluto d) Sun
Which tool can a scientist use to measure temperature?
a) cup b) ruler c) balance d) thermometer
Which tool should be used to study the Moon?
a) ruler b) microscope c) telescope d) thermometer
What aide is used to magnify the appearance of distant objects in the sky?
a) magnifying lens b) digital camera c) microscope d) telescope
Which are giant balls of gas in space that shine through darkness?
a) stars b) moons c) planets d) constellations
Which describes why stars are different colors?
a) Stars are the same color. b) Stars reflect light from the Sun. c) Stars have different locations. d) Stars have different temperatures.
Over the summer, a student observed the night sky. The student noticed a planet's position moved nightly
a) the planet is revolving around Earth. b) the planet is revolving around the stars. c) the planet is closer to Earth than the stars. d) the planet is farther from the Earth than the stars.
When looking at the night sky, why do planets and stars look similar in size?
a) because the smaller stars are at a closer distance b) because the larger stars are a further distance away c) because the larger planets are a further distance away d) because the smaller planets are at a further distance away
A student has two styrofoam balls. One ball represents the sun. The other represents the earth. How could
a) revolve the model of the earth around the model of the sun b) revolve the model of the sun around the model of the earth c) rotate the model of the earth d) rotate the model of the sun
Which tool would you use to measure the amount of rain that falls in an area?
a) weather vane b) anemometer c) thermometer d) rain gauge
When water on a sidewalk dries, it goes into the air as water vapor. Later, when the air cools, what
a) It becomes snow. b) It condenses. c) It evaporates. d) It becomes a gas.
Which is the fourth planet from the Sun?
a) Saturn b) Mars c) Uranus d) Neptune
Which lists three of the planets in correct order starting with the one nearest to the Sun?
a) Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto b) Mercury, Mars, Venus c) Earth, Jupiter, Uranus d) Jupiter, Mars, Earth
Which object reflects the light from the Sun so we see it at night?
a) a space shuttle b) a meteor c) the Moon d) a star
Which is a weater instrument?
a) balance b) thermometer c) meterstick d) microscope
Which weather instrument tells the direction the wind is blowing?
a) barometer b) rain gauge c) thermometer d) weather vane
Why does the Moon appear larger than the stars?
a) The Moon is larger than the stars. b) The Moon is closer to Earth. c) The Moon is farther away from Earth. d) The light of the Moon is brighter than the light of the Sun.
A dark, funnel-shaped windstorm that comes near the ground and can cause much destruction is a
a) tornado b) blizzard c) hurricane d) thunderstorm
Which planet is closer to Earth?
a) Neptune b) Saturn c) Uranus d) Venus
A person who is measuring temperature, wind direction, and amount of rain is studying
a) stars b) rocks c) weather d) animals
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