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a streak of light in the sky produced by the burning of a meteoroid in Earth's atmosphere
a) Meteorite b) Meteoroid c) Meteor d) Asteroid
A chunk of rock or dust in space
a) meteoroid b) meteor c) comet d) Kuiper Belt
the region of the solar system between the orbit of Mars and Jupiter, where many asteroids are found
a) asteroid b) asteroid belt c) meteor d) extraterrestrial life
rocky objects revolving around the sun that are too small and numerous to be considered planets
a) coma b) meteoroid c) asteroid belt d) asteroid
a spherical region of comets that surrounds the solar system
a) oort cloud b) meteor c) coma d) nucleus
a doughnut-shaped region that stretches from around Pluto's orbit to about 100 times Earth's distance from the sun
a) comet b) meteroroid c) asteroid d) Kuiper belt
the solid inner core of a comet
a) meteorite b) meteoroid c) nucleus d) extraterrestrial life
the fuzzy outer layer of a comet
a) nucleus b) coma c) asteroid d) meteor
A loose collection of ice, dust and small rocky particles, typically with a long, narrow orbit of the sun
a) oort cloud b) asteroid belt c) coma d) comet
a meteoroid that passes through the atmosphere and hits Earth's surface
a) meteorite b) meteor c) meteoroid d) asteroid
life that exists other than that on Earth
a) oort cloud b) extraterrestrial life c) coma d) nucleus
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