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The diversity of languages spoken in Southeast Asia reflects the lasting impact of what?
a) colonization b) fosterism c) nationalism d) stewartism
What is it called when someone is forced to leave their home because of their ethnicity?
a) genocide b) religion c) ethnic cleansing d) government
Who was responsible fore the Holocaust?
a) Joseph Stalin b) Benito Mussolini c) Vladimir Putin d) Adolf Hitler
In the last 25 years, Japan's major accomplishment has been its
a) strong economy b) spreading of culture c) becoming a superpower d) developing an army
Why does Indonesia experience earthquakes?
a) It's not very stable b) it has a lot of hills c) it's in the Indian ocean d) it is located where two tectonic plates meet
The Silk Road spread culture between what two countries?
a) China and the Roman Empire b) Russia and America c) Mexico and Cuba d) Korea and Japan
China's one country, two-system pledge refers to what?
a) communism and capitalism b) buddhism and hinduism c) manufacturing and agriculture d) fosterism and spartanism
What was the war called between the Soviet Union and the United States where there was no military action?
a) WWI b) WWII c) the cold war d) The Korean War
Why was the EU formed?
a) provide economic cooperation between members b) common military defense c) make one super country d) emergency assistance for Asia
Which is a contribution of the Greeks that continues to influence societies today?
a) farming skills b) democratic government c) advanced medicine d) christianity
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