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judging someone before you know them
a) warrior b) tomb c) intense d) prejudice
a time period a royal person rules
a) modern b) tomb c) reign d) intense
a person who fights in battles
a) tomb b) warrior c) sniper d) modern
stealing someone else's work to claim as your own
a) plagiarism b) prejudice c) intense d) sniper
a place for a dead body
a) reign b) prejudice c) tomb d) warrior
something that is recent or new
a) ancient b) modern c) reign d) tomb
a person who hides to shoot
a) mouse b) tomb c) warrior d) sniper
important achievements
a) triumphs b) tomb c) prejudice d) warrior
extreme or powerful
a) sniper b) tomb c) prejudice d) intense
Another name for World War I
a) The American Revolution b) The war to end all wars c) Vietnam d) World War II
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