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Power is held by one central authority???
a) unitary b) confederation c) federal d) imperial
Voluntary associations of independent states???
a) confederation b) unitary c) federal d) imperial
Power is divided (or shared) among the central government and several regional governments???
a) federal b) unitary c) confederation d) imperial
Kenya and South Africa are examples of:
a) republics b) confederations c) oligarchies d) communist governments
Policy of segregation that divided South African society???
a) apartheid b) nationalism c) containment d) specialization
Led the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa???
a) Nelson Mandela and F.W. de Klerk b) Mohandas Gandhi and Mao Zedong c) Emperor Hirohito and Chiang Kai-shek d) Buddha and Confucius
Broke away from Sudan and declared independence???
a) South Sudan b) Nigeria c) South Africa d) Democratic Republic of the Congo
Received independence from the British more peacefully???
a) Nigeria and South Africa b) Kenya c) Kenya and South Africa d) Kenya and Nigeria
Lacks access to education???
a) females in Sudan b) females in Kenya c) males in Sudan d) males in Kenya
Positive aspect of the European partitioning of Africa???
a) stable governments b) conflict c) artificial political boundaries d) civil war
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