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What is in the judicial branch?
a) governor b) lt. governor c) General Assembly d) Courts
What do trial cases deal with?
a) civil or criminal cases that result in a verdict or decision b) appeals cases c) turning bills into a law d) sending out the Georgia National Guard
What is an example of civil law?
a) divorce b) theft c) murder d) burglary
What is an example of criminal law?
a) theft b) divorce c) suing over damages d) settling an estate
How many Supreme Court justices does Georgia have?
a) 7 b) 9 c) 5 d) 10
What is the job of the judicial branch?
a) to interpret the law b) to enforce the law c) to create the law d) to veto the law
What is a way to settle a dispute peacefully?
a) to hire a mediator b) to fight with someone c) to drive into someone's house with your car d) to throw knives at someone
What is the highest court in Georgia?
a) Supreme Court b) Superior Court c) state court d) municipal court
What is the name of the body that hears appeals cases?
a) appellate courts b) trial courts c) state courts d) superior courts
If you are found guilty as an adult, a judge issues you a:
a) sentence b) plea bargain c) veto d) agreement
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