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The Department of Health and Human Services is responsible for
a) research into treatments and cures for diseases. b) educational systems and aid for schools. c) d)
Which department oversees the nation's schools?
a) Education b) State c) Energy d)
Some executive departments have been closed or combined as the country's needs have ______.
a) faded b) changed c) finished d)
Collects import taxes.
a) FBI b) Customs Service c) secretaries d)
The Department of Veterans Affairs provides services to
a) ex-military personnel and their families. b) workers and farmers. c) d)
The Department of State's _____ protect Americans who travel in foreign cities
a) ministers b) ambassadors c) consulates d)
The Secret Service is part of the Department of ______.
a) the Treasury b) State c) Justice d)
The Department of the Interior
a) takes care of taxes. b) looks after the country's national parks and dams. c) d)
Head of the Department of Justice
a) attorney general b) FBI c) Customs Service d)
Houses people convicted of federal crimes
a) Bureau of Prisons b) FBI c) attorney general d)
The Department of Transportation is interested in
a) safety and standards for vehicles. b) the country's national resources. c) d)
The Department of _______ is in charge of making paper money and coins.
a) Justice b) State c) the Treasury d)
Through the years, ______ departments have added as they are needed
a) legislative b) judicial c) executive d)
The _______ collects taxes from individuals and businesses.
a) Internal Revenue Service b) Secret Service c) consul d)
The armed forces, the Army Corps of Engineers, and military academies are under the Department of ______.
a) Defense b) Labor c) Energy d)
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