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Happens when animals move to another place
a) Migrate b) Immigrate c) Hibernate d) Collection
The way water moves from the clouds to Earth and back to the clouds again
a) Water Cycle b) Evaporation c) Percipitation d) Condensation
Happens when animals have a long, deep sleep
a) Hibernate b) Migrate c) Winter d) Fall
Tells you how hot or cold something is
a) Temperature b) Thermometer c) Weather d) Sky
Season where some days are cool, some days are warm, some days are rainy, plants grow, and many animals have babies
a) Spring b) Summer c) Winter d) Fall
What the air is outside is like
a) Weather b) Temperature c) Climate d) Clouds
A flash of light in the sky
a) Lightning b) Thunderstorm c) Tornado d) Weather
Made up of drops of water and small pieces of ice and can help tell you what kind of weather is coming
a) Clouds b) Thunderstorm c) Evaporate d) Water Cycle
One kind of dry weather that can happen when it does not rain for a long time.
a) Drought b) Summer c) Condense d) Evaporate
Very strong winds that come down from the clouds in the shape of a funnel
a) Tornado b) Hurricane c) Thunderstorm d) Tsunami
Season that has hot days and warm nights and plants grow
a) Summer b) Winter c) Fall d) Spring
Happens when water vapor changes into tiny drops of water
a) Condense b) Evaporate c) Water Cycle d) Precipitation
A kind of bad weather with heavy rain, thunder, and lightning
a) Thunderstorm b) Lightningstrom c) Hurriciane d) Tornado
Season that can be very cold and it may snow
a) Winter b) Summer c) Spring d) Fall
Happens when water changes in to water vapor
a) Evaporation b) Condensation c) Precipitation d) Water Cycle
Season where air gets cooler, leaves change different colors and fall, and animals store food for the winter
a) Fall b) Summer c) Winter d) Spring
A large storm that starts over warm ocean water
a) Hurricane b) Tornado c) Tsunami d) Thunderstorm
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