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26. Page 42 – They have strong, powerful legs, and can leap out of very deep holes to attack their prey. They eat small animals, insects, certain cactus thorns, and the shells of sunflower seeds.”
a) foreshadowing b) flashback c) suspense d) cliffhanger
25. Page 32 – Every day Elya carried the little piglet up the mountain and sang to it as it drank from the stream. As the pig grew fatter, Elya grew stronger.
a) foreshadowing b) flashback c) cliffhanger d) suspense
What does Stanley find while digging his second hole?
a) a rock with a fossilized fish in it b) a canteen c) the gold top of a pen d)
Why is it a surprise that Zero is the fastest digger in Group D?
a) He hates digging more than the others. b) He is the smallest boy in the group. c) He hasn't had much practice. d)
Why does Mr. Pendanski call the boys by their first names, not their nicknames?
a) Their first names will be what society calls them when they get out of camp. b) He can't remember all the nicknames. c) The nicknames are offensive to him. d)
Why does Mr. Sir tell Stanley, This isn't a Girl Scout camp?
a) He thinks Stanley has mistaken the camp for one the Girl Scouts used. b) There are no girls at Camp Green Lake c) He wants Stanley to know that Camp Green Lake means a hard life. d) None of the Above
Why doesn't Mr. Pendanski think that Stanley is a bad kid?
a) If Stanley were a bad kid, he'd have gone to jail. b) Everyone makes mistakes c) He can tell by looking at Stanley that he isn't bad d) None of the Above
To be a successful inventor you need three things: intelligence, perseverance, and just a little bit of luck. Which word could replace the word perseverance.
a) weakness b) laziness c) coward d) determination
The anxiety a reader feels about what may happened next in a story.
a) foreshadowing b) flashback c) cliffhanger d) suspense
An ending to a section, chapter, or book that leaves the reader in suspense.
a) foreshadowing b) flashback c) cliffhanger d) suspense
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