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Did you like learning about space?
a) no b) kinda c) of course d) not really
Another word for moon is ....
a) password b) chip c) hatch d) lunar
What is another way to say to detain, isolate or take other measures is....
a) quarantine b) lunar c) chip d) pizza
Another word for a self contained unit or system within a larger system is .....
a) computer b) chip c) module d) pizza
This is a trap door covering an opening in an aircraft. It is also on anthonies lego robot what am I
a) legos b) module c) robot d) hatch
Another word for a line where the earth and sky seem to meet
a) horizion b) hatch c) line d) door
Another word for a pilot or member of a spacecraft crew
a) lunar b) astronaut c) hatch d) person
What is a short word for a enclosed front section of a rocket made to carry istruments and astronauts
a) lollipop b) rocket c) capsule d) mars
Are you enjoying the game?
a) yes b) no c) maybe d) not really
Why do you need to quartine a space item?
a) to check if it is raw b) to check if it is alive c) to check if it is safe to bring back to Earth d) to check if it is dead
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