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What did early humans develop that helped them work together?
a) tools b) cave paintings c) language d) the ability to control fire
Why do we think cave paintings were made?
a) to decorate the caves b) to scare off animals c) to teach children d) to instruct how to hunt and/or religous reasons
What is a nomadic lifestyle?
a) They lived in large villages. b) They lived in small villages and lived in caves. c) They migrated, or moved from place to place in search of food. d) They worshiped many gods.
Where did the earliest humans evolve in and migrate from?
a) Asia b) Europe c) Africa d) Australia
What do we call objects from the past made by humans?
a) fossils b) archaeology c) artifacts d) culture
What was the most important effect of the development of agriculture?
a) They learned to weave. b) They learned to make buildings. c) There was a stable food supply so they no longer had to migrate from place to place. d) They learned to make goods which could be traded for other items they needed.
What was the biggest change between Paleolithic and Neolithic culture?
a) the clothes they wore b) the shelters they lived in c) the way they got food for themselves d) the places they hunted
What do we call natural materials that people need and value?
a) artifacts b) resources c) landforms d) regions
The knowledge, beliefs, customs, and values of a group of people is their _________.
a) region b) religion c) culture d) tradition
The study of the earth's physical and cultural features is known as ___________.
a) geology b) geography c) archaeology d) anthropology
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