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Supplies electric energy to an electrical load.
a) Power Source b) Power Box c) GB d)
Computer case that protects the insides of a computer
a) Computer Tower b) Mouse c) Monitor d) Keyboard
Popular way to connect computers to phones, cameras,etc.
a) USB b) GSB c) GB d) MLB
Controls and enhances graphics on a monitor.
a) Graphics Card b) SD card c) GB d) Keyboard
Rigid nonremovable magnetic disk with large data storage capacity
a) Soft disk b) Hard Disk c) Mouse d)
Circuit board with the main components of a computer
a) Dad Board b) MotherBoard c) Graphics Card d)
Flexible removable magnetic disk that stores data.
a) Hard Disk b) Soft Disk c) Floppy Disk d)
Used to interact with a computer using icons, menus, etc.
a) graphical user interface b) GB c) Monitor d) Mouse
Measure of data storage capacity; roughly billion bytes.
a) Byte b) MB c) TB d) GB
Smallest unit of data.
a) Byte b) MB c) BIT d) MBS
A collection of about 1000 bytes.
a) KB b) GB c) Monitor d) GG
Software that supports basic functions of a computer?
a) Hardware b) Software c) SofterWare d) operating system
Putting information into your computer is known as what?
a) Output b) Input c) Rightput d) Leftput
Process of computer translating info into a readable form?
a) RAM b) Keyboard c) Mouse d) Output
What displays images from your computer?
a) USB b) Monitor c) Mouse d) Keyboard
Programs and operating systems of a computer.
a) Hardware b) Software c) RAM d) ROM
What is read only memory?
a) ROM b) Ram c) Hard Drive d)
What controls input and output operations?
a) BIOS b) RAM c) ROM d)
What are the physical components of a computer?
a) Hardware b) Software c) Motherboard d)
What is random access memory?
a) RAM b) Rom c) RanAccMem d)
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