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angry and unhappy because of unfair treatment
a) bitter b) debut c) military d) eloquent
playing professional baseball on a part-time basis
a) military b) integration c) semi-pro d) debut
of the army or any armed forces
a) semi-pro b) intelligence c) debut d) miliary
combining or adding parts to make a unified whole
a) segregation b) banned c) integration d) eloquent
describing a fluent, expressive, or powerful speaker
a) bitter b) eloquent c) debut d) plantation
a large farm, especially one in the south before the Civil War that used slave labor
a) intelligence b) integration c) negotiated d) plantation
bargained with others over one contract or other agreement
a) negotiated b) debut c) integration d) intelligence
mental skills, brainpower
a) bitter b) intelligence c) military d) debut
the first appearance of something
a) negotiated b) debut c) integration d) eloquent
combining or adding parts to make a unified whole
a) integration b) intelligence c) eloquent d) debut
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