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This part of the spreadsheet is represented by a number and is horizontal
a) columns b) address box c) row d) formula bar
This is the cell in which you are currently working in
a) cell box b) active cell c) cell area d) cell block
A row and column arrangemnt of data used to enter, calculate, maniplate numbers
a) Workbook b) Formulas c) Spreadsheet d) Cell reference
When you are entering data into a spreadsheet this represents words or the alphabetical text
a) labes b) values c) Formulas d) formula bar
When you are adjusting cells and this appears####### what does this indicate
a) the column width is too narrow b) the column width is too long c) the column width is too wide d) the column with is too short
When adjusting the height or width how will you combine two or more cells together
a) format b) merge c) auto sum d) alignment
When you are aligning cells and you are using a decimal, currency or date, how are the cells aligned
a) left b) justified c) right d) center
When you are formatting labels in a spreadsheet, it is aligned how
a) left b) justified c) right d) center
What are the two types of orientations
a) Print and Preview b) Print and Gridlines c) Landscape and Gridlines d) Portrait and Landscape
When entering data into a cell, which statement performs a calculation
a) function b) formula c) label d) value
What are the basic function: This is the maximum value of range of cells
a) average b) mimimum c) maximum d) count
What are the basic function: This is the total of a range of cells
a) average b) sum c) count d) min
Which one is NOT an operator
a) Root b) Addition c) Division d) Multiplication
SUM, AVG, COUNT, MAX, AND MIN are considered as ______ You can locate these functions in the formula tab and click on fx(insert function)
a) series b) basic functions c) built in d) formula
The light grey lines around the cell
a) orientation b) print preview c) gridlines d) borders and shading
A spreadsheet tool used to play out differnet situations to determine differemt outcomes
a) What function b) What up c) What is d) What if
This is the location or name of a cell. Examples: B5, C1, or D3
a) address box b) formula bar c) cell reference d) cell box
A file which contains one or more spreadsheets
a) worksheet b) work location c) work area d) workbook
How many sheets are in a spreadsheet
a) one b) two c) three d) four
This is the point in which a column and row intersect
a) cell b) cell reference c) cell bar d) cell area
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