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The Greek Root auto means...
a) self b) time c) sound d) light
The Greek Root chron means...
a) self b) sound c) time d) light
The Greek Root phon/phono means...
a) self b) time c) light d) sound
The Greek Root photo means...
a) light b) time c) sound d) self
An autobiography is
a) written by another person b) written by the person it is about c) written to present an argument d) written to persuade
Something that is continuing or occurring again for a long time is
a) automatic b) photogenic c) chronic d) a symphony
A method of teaching reading by pronouncing and learning the sounds of letters is
a) photosynthesis b) chronological c) automatic d) phonics
If you have an abnormal reaction to sunlight you are
a) photosensitive b) automatic c) chronic d) photogenic
Having the capability of starting or operating independently means
a) chronological b) photogenic c) automatic d) autopilot
Arranged in the order that things happen means
a) photosynthesis b) chronological c) automatic d) synchronize
A long piece of music performed by an orchestra is a
a) photocopy b) autobiography c) synchronize d) symphony
If someone has features that look well in a photograph that person is described as
a) photosensitive b) photogenic c) chronic d) automatic
A four-wheeled vehicle designed for passenger transportation is a
a) automobile b) autopilot c) symphony d) phonograph
To happen at the same time means
a) automatic b) phonics c) photosynthesis d) synchronize
A device into which people speak to record their voices or make their voice louder is a (an)
a) phonograph b) autobiography c) microphone d) automobile
A paper copy of a document, picture made with a special machine is called a
a) photocopy b) microphone c) autobiography d) symphony
A device for automatically steering ships, aircraft, spacecraft is an
a) automobile b) microphone c) autopilot d) photocopy
Something continuing a long time or recurring frequently
a) chronic b) photosynthesis c) chronically d) symphony
An instrument for reproducing sounds by the vibration of a stylus or needel following a spiral groove on a revolving disc or cylinder is a
a) photograph b) phonograph c) autobiography d) microphone
The process by which a green plant turns water and carbon dioxide in to food by means of light is
a) chronological b) synchronize c) photosynthesis d) photosensitive
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