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What is a mole?
a) an animal b) cancer c) avegadros number d) a beauty mark
Who the greatest teacher ever?
a) All teachers suck b) I love all my techers c) What's a teacher d) You of course
What is chemistry
a) The study of chemicals b) the study of stuff c) a pain in my neck d) a weird work
Who am I
a) aaaa b) bbbb c) cccc d) mrs. Young
Who are you
a) you b) me c) us d) them
What is your favorite food
a) cheese b) cake c) jello d) pudding
What is your favorite color
a) green b) blue c) red d) purble
What is your favorite band
a) U2 b) ACDC c) the beebs d) funky rock
What is your favorite animal
a) Cat b) Dog c) cow d) pig
What is your age
a) 14 b) 15 c) 16 d) 17
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