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The first level of a food chain is occupied by the:
a) Herbivores b) Carnivores c) Omnivores d) Producers or Autotrophs
The second trophic level of a food chain is made up of:
a) Producers b) Herbivores c) Carnivores d) Omnivores
The path of energy through the trophic levels of an ecosystem is called a
a) Food Web b) Energy Pyramid c) Food Chain d) Photosynthetic Diagram
Which of these is not a product of Cellular Respiration
a) Oxygen b) Heat c) ATP d) Water
Humans, Bears and Raccoons are examples of:
a) Herbivores b) Carnivores c) Detritivores d) Omnivores
Using water to turn monomers into polymers is called
a) Dehydration synthesis b) Cellular Respiration c) Hydrolysis d) Photosynthesis
Which of these is not a reactant in photosynthesis?
a) sunlight b) Water c) Glucose d) Carbon Dioxide
Using water to break polymers into momomers is called
a) Dehydration Synthesis b) Cellular Respiration c) Hydrolysis d) Photosynthesis
An organism that makes its own food using sunlight is called a(n)
a) Heterotroph b) Carnivore c) Omnivore d) Autotroph
An organism that eats only producers is called a(n):
a) Herbivore b) Carnivore c) Omnivore d) Detritivore
The sum of all chemical reactions that take place in an organism is:
a) Photosynthesis b) Cellular Respiration c) Metabolism d) Osmosis
Plants make Glucose from Sunlight, Carbon Dioxide and Water using what process?
a) Cellular Respiration b) Autotrophic Respiration c) Photosynthesis d) Heterosynthesis
In a meadow, grass is eaten by mice, mice are eaten by foxes. Which organism would be the most numerous?
a) grass b) mice c) foxes d) none of these
Organisms that cause decay and decomposition and release nutrients back into the soil are called
a) Herbivores b) Carnivores c) Omnivores d) Decomposers
Energy is stored in the _____ bonds in food
a) Electrical b) Heated c) Chemical d) Organic
As you go up the energy pyramid, the amount of energy at each level decreases by
a) 10% b) 50% c) 75% d) 90%
Cellular Respiration breaks the bonds in glucose and stores the energy in a molecule of:
a) Water b) Carbon Dioxide c) ATP d) Sugar
When a Phosphate group is removed from ATP, what is produced?
a) ASP b) A2P c) ADP d) ATP
Which of these organisms performs Cellular Respiration to harness energy from glucose?
a) Tree b) Chicken c) Flower d) All of these
Directly or Indirectly, almost all energy in living systems comes from the:
a) Plants b) Sun c) Animals d) Water
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