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What is magma called once its out of the volcano?
a) lava b) fault c) focus d) tsunami
what is the study of earthquakes?
a) epicenter b) tsunami c) seismology d) focus
which one is a type of landslide?
a) fault b) magma c) creep d) avalanche
what is a crack in the earths crust?
a) focus b) fault c) creep d) epicenter
which volcano is domed shape?
a) composite cone b) cinder cone c) creep d) shield volcano
What is a opening in the Earth's crust which hot ash, gases and molten rock escape?
a) volcano b) lava c) earthquake d) creep
what do you call a point where a earthquake starts?
a) creep b) fault c) focus d) epicenter
where would a landslide mostly occur
a) dry,flat desert b) rainy,mountain forest c) sunny,grassy field d) rainy,bare slope
Did you enjoy learning about fast earth changes?
a) Sorta b) No c) Definately d) kinda
Did you know Andy build this for us?
a) Of course! b) really? c) huh? d) cool
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