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Most seashells come from soft bodied invertebrates called?
a) hollow b) arachnids c) mollusks d)
What needs warm clean water to grow?
a) insects b) arachnids c) coral reefs d)
What is the simplest invertebrate?
a) roundworms b) sponges c) mollusks d)
What is the largest invertebrate group?
a) arthropods b) segmented worms c) crustaceans d)
What are spiny skinned invertebrates called?
a) cnidarians b) crustaceans c) echinoderms d)
What invertebrates use poisonous stingers on their tentacles to capture prey and for protection?
a) mollusks b) crustaceans c) cnidarians d)
What are the simplest kind of worms called?
a) flatworms b) roundworms c) segmented worms d)
Arthropods have a hard skeleton on the outside of their body called?
a) endoskeleton b) exoskeleton c) abdomen d)
What is a type of flatworm?
a) leech b) planarian c) earthworm d)
Crabs, lobsters, and shrimp are called?
a) arthropods b) crustaceans c) echinoderms d)
Animals without a backbone are called?
a) invertebrates b) vertebrates c) planarians d)
Which phylum has jointed legs, a body divided into sections, and an exoskeleton?
a) mollusk b) crustaceans c) arthropod d)
A sponge's body has no____, no bones, and is hollow inside.
a) symmetry b) thorax c) segmented d)
Earthworms, sandworms, and leeches are in the phylum of ______ worms.
a) echinoderms b) sponges c) segmented d)
Insects have three body sections; the head, the thorax, and the______.
a) abdomen b) antennae c) legs d)
Some, __________, such as spiders, can spin webs to trap their food.
a) flatworms b) arachnids c) cnidarians d)
Invertebrates are divided into groups called?
a) phyla b) roundworms c) sponges d)
Roundworms have a ______ digestive system.
a) three-way b) two-way c) one-way d)
Cnidarians have bodies that are ______ cell layers thick.
a) two b) three c) four d)
An earthworm has complex _____ systems that keep it alive.
a) jointed b) organ c) abdomen d)
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