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puedo ir al baño
a) may I go to the bathroom b) can you repeat please c) I do not understand d) I do not know
No entiendo
a) I do not understand b) sit down c) I need help d) stand up
no sé
a) I do not know b) take out your books c) I need help d) raise your hand
puede repetir
a) can you repeat b) how many c) take out your notes d) do you have any questions
necesito ayuda
a) I need help b) stand up c) sit down d) take out your homework
a) sit down b) raise your hand c) thank you d) you are welcome
a) stand up b) sit down c) listen d) you are welcome
levanta la mano
a) raise your hand b) take out books c) stand up d) sit down
saquen su tarea
a) take out your homework b) take out your notes c) take out your books d) open your books
a) homework b) notes c) listen d) talk
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