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A change in an organism's environment that affects the organism's activities is a ___.
a) response b) stimulus c) metabolism d) producer
When a duck dives under water, its inner eyelids automatically raise to cover the duck's eyes. In this case, water acts as ___.
a) stimulus b) homeostasis c) a reaction d) an enzyme
Maintaining a body temperature of 37 degrees C and a stable amount of sugar in your blood are both examples of ___.
a) homeostasis b) metabolism c) photosynthesis d) respiration
Which of the following is a stimulus?
a) sound b) darkness c) gravity d) all of the answers
The pupils of your eyes respond to which of the following stimuli?
a) sound b) light c) scent d) touch
DNA is an acronym for ___.
a) deoynitrogenous acid b) deoxyribonucleic acid c) decomponutrient acid d) dinoribunucleic acid
Both fleas and frogs leap in response to a stimulus. If a flea can leap 20 cm, and frog can jump 5 m, what percentage of the frog's jump is the flea's jump.
a) 40 percent b) 0.25 percent c) 25 percent d) 4 percent
The human body maintains a temperature of about ___.
a) 37 degrees C/ 98.6F b) 0 degrees c) 98.6 degrees C d) none of the answers
When a Venus flytrap catches an insect, it is reacting to the stimulus of ___.
a) sound b) light c) touch d) scent
Fish that live in the ice cold waters off Antarctica make a natural antifreeze that keeps them from freezing. This is the fish's way of maintaining a stable environment known as _
a) photosynthesis b) homeostasis c) metabolism d) respiration
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