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¿Qué día es hoy?
a) today is b) yesterday c) tomorrow d) what day is today
hoy es
a) today is b) tomorrow c) what day is today d) yesterday
mañana es
a) tomorrow is b) today is c) yesterday d) what day is today
el día
a) the day b) the week c) the month d) the season
hoy. . .
a) today b) tomorrow c) yesterday d) next week
ayer fue
a) yesterday was b) today is c) tomorrow is d) next month
a) month b) day c) week d) thursday
la semana
a) the week b) next week c) tomorrow d) today
For most Spanish speaking countries, the first day of the week is. . .
a) monday b) tuesday c) sunday d) friday
In the United states, the first day of the week is . . .
a) sunday b) monday c) tuesday d) friday
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