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A vesicle is:
a) A hole in an Igneous rock b) c) d)
Porphyritic refers to:
a) The texture of small and large crystals found on an Igneous rock b) c) d)
Fragmental rocks are:
a) formed when fragments of other rocks are cemented together with presure b) c) d)
Chemical rocks are formed when:
a) a chemical has been dissolved in water slowly and then evaporates b) c) d)
The process by which sedimentary rocks are formed is called:
a) Lithification b) c) d)
Clasts are
a) fragments that are cemented together b) c) d)
Conglomerate rocks are formed when
a) Clasts are glued together b) c) d)
Breccia is formed when
a) jagged or angular clasts are cemented together b) c) d)
The material that cements the clasts together are called
a) Matrix b) c) d)
A type of fossil that is found inside the area where an animals stomach used to be is called:
a) Gastroliths b) c) d)
A type of fossil that used to be poop is called:
a) Coprolites b) c) d)
Fossil fuels refer to:
a) Coal, Oil and Natural Gas b) c) d)
The ordering of fossils in layers from oldest to newest is called a:
a) Geologic Column b) c) d)
Metamorphic rocks come in 2 types
a) Foliated and un-foliated b) c) d)
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