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The purpose of an experiment is to test whether your data is correct.
a) True b) c) d) False
Convert 14 kilometers to meters
a) 140 m b) 0.0014 m c) 14000 m d) 1400 m
When you go to the moon, which property will change about you?
a) mass b) density c) volume d) weight
A factor that is manipulated (changed) in an experiment to change the dependent variable is the ___.
a) constant b) hypothesis c) independent variable d) control
A factor in an experiment that changes from the manipulation (changing) of the independent variable is the ___.
a) constant b) hypothesis c) dependent variable d) control
Observations often lead to inferences.
a) True b) c) d) False
Which unit would you use to measure the length of your foot?
a) centimeters b) kilometers c) meters d) millimeters
You wake up and see the street is wet, you assume it has rained. This is a(n):
a) observation b) c) d) inference
What is the tool we use to measure mass?
a) graduated cylinder b) meter stick c) triple beam balance d) ruler
A student walks in and has a red face. This is a(n)
a) Observation b) c) d) Inference
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