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Heads of the fourteen departments
a) Cabinet b) CIA c) White House Office d)
Vote for Pesident and Vice President
a) Electoral College b) White House Office c) National Security Council d)
The Electoral college is made up of 538
a) advisers b) agencies c) electors d)
A President may be elected to office for only ____ terms.
a) one b) two c) four d)
The ____ branch of the federal government carries out laws made by the legislative branch.
a) executive b) economic c) judicial d)
Who is the President's main assistant?
a) The Speaker of the House b) The Vice President c) Their spouse d)
The President appoints _____ to represent the United States in foreign countries.
a) ambassadors b) the Vice President c) assistants d)
As political party leader, the President tries to get _____ to put the party's plan into action.
a) the OMB b) the CIA c) Congress d)
Many advisers and aids
a) White House Office b) National Security Council c) Electoral College d)
Carries out the day-to-day work of the executive branch
a) President and Vice President b) Ambassadors and assistants c) Departments and agencies d)
The _____ is in charge of the executive branch.
a) Congress b) President c) Vice President d)
As chief ____ the President addresses Congress once a year with a 'State of the Union' message
a) legislator b) diplomat c) ambassador d)
Advises about military policies
a) Electoral College b) National Security Council c) CIA d)
Who must approve the annual budget the President prepares?
a) Congress b) The Office of Management and Budget c) the Vice President d)
Part of the National Security Council
a) White House Office b) Cabinet c) CIA d)
How often do we elect a President and Vice President?
a) every 2 years b) every 4 years c) every 8 years d)
How old must a candidate for President be?
a) at least 35 b) at least 30 c) at least 25 d)
The _____ is the President's main assistant.
a) Secretary of State b) Speaker of the House c) Vice President d)
If the office of Vice President becomes vacant, the President nominates a Vice President who _____ must approve.
a) Congress b) advisers c) the Constitution d)
A presidential candidate must be a native-born American citizen and a U.S. resident for at least ______ years.
a) nine b) seven c) fourteen d)
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