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Why did Emperor Wu Di extend the Great Wall and added watchtowers? (Document D)
a) He wanted the Great Wall's length to be exactly 5,000 miles b) His brother was a contractor c) Protection of Silk Road traders d) He felt the Mongols needed to be taught a lesson
What dynasty paid the Xiongnu for safety? (Document C)
a) Ming b) Han c) Qin d) Chewbacca
Which of these items was an export from Han China? (Document D)
a) Irrigation systems b) Grapes c) Buddhism d) Silk
The desert that made travel dangerous along the Silk Road in northwest China (Document A)
a) Gobi b) Nevada c) Tokyo d) Taklimakan
Chao Cuo recommended placing military forces and what else along the northern border? (Document B)
a) Peasants b) Terra Cotta soldiers c) Policemen d) Xiongnu
The capital city of Ancient China (Document A)
a) Huang he b) Chang'an c) Yangtze d) Dunhuang
A group of invaders that threatened the safety of China (Background Essay)
a) Xiongnu b) hang-t'u c) Genghis d) Confucius
The dynasty that constructed the last major portion of the great wall using bricks.
a) Han Dynasty b) Qin Dynasty c) Ming Dynasty d) Duck Dynasty
Brownish-yellow soil found throughout Asia.
a) Clay b) Mud c) Silt d) Loess
Protective wall built to keep river flood waters from extending beyond the river.
a) Dam b) River wall c) Dike d) River door
A potential benefit of the Great Wall.
a) Protection from the Mongols b) Very expensive c) Lots of men died building it d) Took over 1,000 to build
The philosopher who wanted rulers to treat their subjects justly
a) Martin Luther King, Jr. b) Confucius c) Cleopatra d) Wu Di
The emperor who united China into one country.
a) Emperor Palpatine b) Emperor Han c) Emperor Chan d) Emperor Shi Huangdi
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