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Jeanne's favorite hobby is ________________.
a) Ballet-dancing b) Baton-twirling c) Singing d) Acting
This serves as an introduction to a book.
a) Epilogue b) Allusion c) Editorial d) Foreword
Which of the following statements is a SUBJECTIVE statement
a) Everyone should adopt a pet. b) Over a million people adopt their pets every year. c) There is an animal shelter in Attica. d) There are many cats and dogs that need homes.
What is an example of an allusion in Farewell to Manzanar?
a) desert b) camp c) Glenn Miller d) rice
Which of the following statements is an OBJECTIVE statement.
a) I think everyone should wear school uniforms. b) School uniforms are not the best solution. c) Some people believe that school uniforms are helpful, but some do not. d) I think that school uniforms are a stupid idea.
Jeanne's family moves to ____________ island after their father, Ko, is taken.
a) Terminal b) Shell c) West d) Boleyn
Jeanne's father was sent to a camp in __________________.
a) Nevada b) California c) North Dakota d) Utah
Jeanne's father will not let her become a ___________.
a) Buddhist b) Catholic c) Hindu d) Baptist
Jeanne's mother is a _____________
a) Nurse b) Dietitian c) Teacher d) Secretary
Jeanne is the ______________ child.
a) Youngest b) Oldest c) Middle d) Only
Jeanne has ________ siblings
a) six b) seven c) eight d) nine
Jeanne's father comes from a long line of ___________.
a) Samurai b) Merchants c) Emperors d) Farmers
Papa attacks a man for calling him a(n)_______________.
a) Spy b) Traitor c) Inu d) Jap
Which of the following IS NOT a way that camp life improved?
a) A school is set up b) New chefs are hired c) They can leave camp to hike d) They are allowed to participate in activities
A gerund always ______________.
a) Ends with -ing b) Includes to + verb c) Acts as a verb d) Goes at the end of a sentence
An infinitive always __________.
a) Includes to + verb b) Acts as a verb c) Ends with -ing d) Starts a sentence
A(n) ___________ is a reference to a real person, event, work of literature, etc.
a) Editorial b) Allusion c) Subjective view d) Foreword
Unfortunately, many people ___________ Jeanne and her family because they are Japanese American.
a) Diagram b) Dialect c) Stereotype d) Editorial
The lack of adequate medical care is illustrated by _________________.
a) Eleanor's death b) The death of Jeanne's sister-in-law c) The death of Eleanor's newborn baby d) The death of Jeanne's brother-in-law, Kaz.
A couple of mean girls trick Jeanne into ______________.
a) Leaving the camp without a chaperone b) Putting cold cream in her hair and hair tonic on her face c) Eating spoiled food d) Skipping school
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