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Magma that hardens in horizontal cracks.
a) Neck b) Dike c) Sill d)
Magma that has large amount of silica, water vapor and gas with cause what type of eruption.
a) Quiet b) Violent c) Mild d)
Melted rock that is below earth's surface that is under pressure.
a) lava b) magma c) d)
Melted rock that is found above earth's surface.
a) Lava b) Magma c) d)
What type of magma is produced by the Hawaiian volcanoes
a) Granitic b) Andesitic c) Basaltic d)
The largest type of intrusive igneous rock.
a) Magma Chamber b) Dike c) Sill d) Batholith
The Hawaiian volcanoes are _____________.
a) Cinder Cone b) Sheild c) Composite d) All of the above
The bowl shape hole at the summit of a volcano
a) Vent b) Caldera c) Crater d) Calderon
Type of magma that is very thick and contains lots of silica.
a) Granitic b) Andestic c) Basaltic d)
Type of rock that is formed from volcanoes
a) Sedimentary b) Metamorphic c) Igneous d)
Where can volcanoes occur?
a) Hot spots b) Convergent Boundaries c) Divergent Boundaries d) All of the above
Tephra is made up of...
a) Gas b) Ash c) Cinders d) All of the above
What type of volcano has steep sides and is made up of mostly tephra?
a) Cinder Cone b) Shield c) Composite d)
What type of volcano has broad sides and is made up of layers of lava?
a) Cinder Cone b) Composite c) Sheild d)
What type of volcano is made up of layers of tephra and lava?
a) Composite b) Shield c) Cinder Cone d)
What type of volcano is Mt. Saint Helen's?
a) Sheild b) Composite c) Cinder Cone d)
Magma that hardens in vertical cracks.
a) Sill b) Dike c) Neck d)
Devil's Tower is an example of a _____________.
a) Dike b) Sill c) Volcanic Neck d)
Areas in Earth's mantel that are hotter than neighboring areas
a) Divergent Boundaries b) Convergent Boundaries c) Transform Boundaries d) Hot Spots
A volcano that is sleeping
a) dormant b) extinct c) active d) baby
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